Bruce Rapp

Christ In The Passover - July 31, 2016 v=VUUsVjr7qKA

Jews for Jesus v=i_qOWrWqI9E

Jews Need Jesus? by Bruce Rapp (John 14:6) v=g6T2_KsZ2ZU

Jews for Jesus | Christ in the Passover - Bruce Rapp - April 12, 2017 v=RPW4WwabSI0

November 11, 2012 Presentation by Bruce Rapp - Christ in The Feast of Tabernacles v=xg4XoyDCaCQ

Sermon - April 7, 2019 v=hP70sObfLAE

Sermon 12_15_13: Guest Speaker Bruce Rapp v=5xGwhLUH4PM

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