Rob Wertheim

3/1/2017 - Rob Wertheim

August 29 2021, Rob Wertheim from Jews for Jesus: Yeshua

Christ in the Passover- A Presentation

Christ in the Passover: A Presentation -Sunday Service 8:00am

Faith Story | Rob Wertheim

Jews for Jesus

Jews For Jesus Rob Wertheim The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel” (10/14/12)

Jesus In the Fall Festivals (7/8/18) Rob Wertheim - Jews For Jesus

Rob Wertheim, a Jewish man, tells how he came to faith in Jesus, part 1.

Rob Wertheim tells how he, a Jewish man, became a Christian, part 2

Special Guest Speaker Rob Wertheim

Special Guest Speaker Rob Wertheim of Jews for Jesus April 3, 2022

Special Message Rob Wertheim - Faith Bible Church Vallejo

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel

Yeshua - Rob Wertheim

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